There are four houses in the school which are named after great omen personalities. They are Mother Teresa, Laxmi Bai, Kalpana Chawla and Kiran Bedi. Each house has a House incharge to guide the students. Inter house competition are organized on IInd Saturday.

               Our house system inculcates the qualities of leadership, co-operation mutual understanding, tolerance & self reliance. Various activities are organized to build team spirit such as quiz, dance singing, rangoli etc. Apart from this, the students are initiated into community service and social work.


1.   The house on duty should wear the house colored t-Shirt badges during their weekly duty.

2.   It is mandatory for students to participate in all house activities.


            House Activities:-

                        House System:

  • To promote creative skills.
  • To encourage self discipline.
  • To learn customers, tradition culture and rich heritage of country.
  • To make co-operative.

The students have been classified in to four houses as under:









  • Each house is headed by a house incharge and a house captain(students are subdivided into four units, each unit controls by the incharge of house(teacher). A house shall perform the following duties in roatation.


  • To manage morning assembly.
  • To speak on article/speech on current concept.
  • To speak mega news and temperature.
  • To explain Quotation (thought).
  • Maintenance of discipline in school except regular periods (academic).
  • Looking general cleanliness.
  • Arrangements of competition in sport, events art and cultural areas.