1. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the students. Water bottles, cardigans must have name tags on them.
  2. Parents are not allowed to see their children or meet the teachers during school hours.
  3. Every parent should attend the PTM to discuss the progress of their child. You required to be in touch of the teachers in order to monitor the behavior and progress of the child.
  4. Parents should check the diary regularly. Remarks for circulars, worksheet, invitation and homework assigned, should be assigned and countersigned so as to avoid putting your child through any inconvenience.
  5. Appointment with doctors, dentists etc. must be made after school hours/during.
  6. Parents are requested to send lunch box/art/craft material or any other material required along with the student only. Any packet sent to the school later will not be accepted as it hampers the school discipline.
  7. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in case a child is required to stay back after school hours to practice/participate in academics, sports and co-curricular activities whenever required.
  8. If a student creates indisciplined atmosphere in the school then he will be immediately out of the school.
  9. Your child will not be send from his/her class to his/her homes during study period you give a written application to his/her teacher.
  10.  (a) If your child is absent, please inform the school, preferably your child’s class teacher, promptly in writing.

 Note : for students of standard V to XII, each day of absence should be covered either by a personal telephone call or by a written application. For any absence on mandatory dates, permission should be taken failing which strict action will be taken.

         (b)Attendance on the last day before the vacation and first day after the vacation is compulsory. Kindly do not extend vacation on either side. Attendance before functions and tests is mandatory.

          (c)Absence during unit test/exam. : In case of absence due to sickness during the exam/test  the parents have to inform the principal the same day. The exam/test will be marked ML.


Medical certificate must be submitted next day therefore in case of absence without permission the exam/test will be marked zero. No exam/test will be taken again.


11.  (a) students must come on proper uniform with I-Card. In case of missing I-Card/damaging Card student have to pay 10 Rs. For new card.

       (b)  In case of damaging progress/progress Card students have to pay 100 Rs.