Principal’s Desk:

                        No system can succeed unless it supported by earned forwards by parents because the home is the child first school, his/her first classroom, his/her first playground and his/her first teacher. It is there for extremely essential for home, the school teachers and the parents to join hands and provide meaning education to the child.

                        The teaching faculty makes and earnest efforts to motivate individuals and help them acquire both scientific linguistic excellence. The personal and intellectual guidance provided by our experts staff support students to achieve meritorious results in the board examination. I think that


                                    Education is a social process…

                                    Education is growth….

                                    Education is not preparation for life,

                                    Education is life itself.

                        I feel that our optimistic vision, hope and determination will definitely produce individuals who will have the capacity to embrace a commitment of universal learn. Individuals who will step forward and transcend the barriers that keep us from seeing our self as part of global family. We at National Public School, Narela, hope that we succeed in providing individuals with big dreams, hopes and deep yearning for a utopian world for believe:


                                    The life which one has imagined

                                    One will meet the success

                                    Unexpected in common hours!



Mrs. Krishna Khatri


(Gallantry awarded by C.B.S.E)